Because student belonging and success are linked.

We invented a method based on the science of bringing people together.

You know the importance of student belonging in predicting student retention, academic performance, and mental health.

We design fun experiences which take this seriously.


Our past clients and grant funders include the University of British Columbia, Capilano University, and ILAC College.

The President of the University of British Columbia wrote us a letter of support.

Every post-secondary event can benefit from more joy, connection, and unity. That’s how we designed the Vyve!

Why host a vyve?

For Physical Fitness 💓
The VYVE involves vigorous dancing and movement.

For Fun 😛
Participants consistently have fun, because it is designed to be fun.

For going Alcohol-free 🥤
The experience alone gets people to where they need to be to dance and play their hardest.

For Social Connectedness🤝
The science-based activities are designed to catalyze social connections and cultivate group unity.

For Mental Health🧠
VYVEs are designed to relieve stress by evoking positive emotions through physical activity and emotional expression.

For Consent ☮️
A trained facilitator shapes an environment in which participants respect each other’s boundaries, and high-five each other for invitations AND rejections.

We tailor our method to any student audience and to any objective.