Our Story

This is the story of VYVE.

The first ever human connection agency on Earth.
Before it was VYVE, it was Party4Health.

Before it was Party4Health, it was Jacques W. Martiquet, roaming around the city with music, hosting Bike Raves and Dance Marathons with a few friends.

And before it was Jacques W. Martiquet, it was a lonely kid with zero social skills, pretty much addicted to video games. This was young Jacques.

After Jacques arrived at the University of British Columbia to study Pharmacology, he learnt how to address his loneliness by applying a growth mindset.
At university, he got side-tracked from his aspiration to become a doctor.

While coaching students on wellness and serving as an emergency medic at parties and festivals, he realized partying was the worst enemy of public health.

And so he began on a journey to reinvent partying, first by launching a public events group called Party4Health.
Years of sober partying later, Jacques realized that alcohol and drugs were not the culprit. It was disconnection and loneliness.

With this realization, vyving was born.

And VYVE Human Connection Agency is on a mission to end the loneliness epidemic by spreading vyving far and wide.

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Where did it all begin? In answering this question, I wrote a dramatic letter to the @vyvify community: Have you ever witnessed tragedy? ​I have. ​ When I got into medical volunteering for parties and music festivals, I witnessed things I never wanted to see again. Pure carnage. ​ I asked myself “Why are so many young, healthy people getting fucked up, when their objective is to have a good time, and remember it?” It was a paradox to me. Isn’t feeling healthy a precondition for a long, happy life? ​ It was clearly not the case at a university party, nor at a music festival. Repeatedly, I witnessed young people indulge in alcohol and substances, with terrific consequences. ​ I started to explore how mainstream party culture was perpetuated. What is it about parties that encourage substance use? What is it about human psychology that leads to short-term decision making? What do humans actually need? ​ After partying regularly for 5 years, sober, I had a realization. Parties revolved around alcohol, not what humans need. The logic of mainstream parties was as follows: Alcohol + Drinking Games + Music = Fun. ​ ​But what do humans actually need? ​ In researching social-bonding, drug and alcohol use, and behavioural psychology for the last few months, I have the answer. What I want. What you want. What every human wants. Is two things. Are you ready? 1. A feeling of belonging; and 2. A dose of positive emotions. This is what science suggests. And I believe it. In reflecting on these findings, I had my revelation. I knew exactly what I needed to do. I needed to design a social experience to directly fulfill our human psychological needs. In designing this experience, I realized it was not a party anymore. It was an electrifying shared experience that sparks connection and joy. Every time. And so, VYVIFY was born, and I embarked on this quest.

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