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This dramatic letter was written by our founder, Jacques Martiquet, who worked as a health educator, drug educator, and emergency medic at 30+ parties.

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Where did it all begin? In answering this question, I wrote a dramatic letter to the @vyvify community: Have you ever witnessed tragedy? ​I have. ​ When I got into medical volunteering for parties and music festivals, I witnessed things I never wanted to see again. Pure carnage. ​ I asked myself “Why are so many young, healthy people getting fucked up, when their objective is to have a good time, and remember it?” It was a paradox to me. Isn’t feeling healthy a precondition for a long, happy life? ​ It was clearly not the case at a university party, nor at a music festival. Repeatedly, I witnessed young people indulge in alcohol and substances, with terrific consequences. ​ I started to explore how mainstream party culture was perpetuated. What is it about parties that encourage substance use? What is it about human psychology that leads to short-term decision making? What do humans actually need? ​ After partying regularly for 5 years, sober, I had a realization. Parties revolved around alcohol, not what humans need. The logic of mainstream parties was as follows: Alcohol + Drinking Games + Music = Fun. ​ ​But what do humans actually need? ​ In researching social-bonding, drug and alcohol use, and behavioural psychology for the last few months, I have the answer. What I want. What you want. What every human wants. Is two things. Are you ready? 1. A feeling of belonging; and 2. A dose of positive emotions. This is what science suggests. And I believe it. In reflecting on these findings, I had my revelation. I knew exactly what I needed to do. I needed to design a social experience to directly fulfill our human psychological needs. In designing this experience, I realized it was not a party anymore. It was an electrifying shared experience that sparks connection and joy. Every time. And so, VYVIFY was born, and I embarked on this quest.

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