Keynote Speaking Opportunities

Experiential, learning-focused presentations on changing your brain chemistry

After being interviewed by VICE Media, Jacques W. Martiquet, BSc. Pharmacology, discovered his life’s mission: To empower humans to find joy through human connection.

Now, he offers inspiration and skills to find joy and exhilaration in face-to-face connection, instead of net-flixing, binge-drinking, Instagram-ing, video-gaming, and other drugs.


Jacques gets re-booked a lot, and works within all budgets.

From 10 000 runners at the Vancouver Marathon to 30 youth in a leadership class at ILAC College, Jacques has a track record for activating his audience to make healthier choices in their lives.

In the last 5 years, Jacques worked as an emergency medic at giant festivals, he graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BSc. in Pharmacology, and he traveled across the world throwing hundreds of sober parties.

His organization has been featured in VICE Media, praised by the President of UBC, and hired by multiple colleges and community groups.

His life purpose is to equip the world with the skills to get high-on-life.

Areas of Expertise

1. How to Change your Brain through Human Connection:

When we connect socially, we change our brain chemistry. Through touch. Through laughter. Through movement. Jacques will give your students the tools to change their brain chemistry through human connection.

Impact Objectives:
Understanding of the connections among human connection, health and happiness.
Learning tips and tools to engage in deeper human connection and to overcome social anxiety.
Knowledge of the feel-good brain chemicals, and how they are released through human connection.

2. How to Get High off Leadership:

When we practice leadership, we are more mindful, socially-connected, and happy. Jacques will share his leadership philosophy with your students, which is rooted in social-emotional learning, mindfulness, and journaling. Jacques will explore tips from his list of 430 leadership principles, compiled throughout his life.

3. How to change your brain chemistry without drugs and alcohol:

We can decide how we feel, given the right tools. Jacques will show your students how to get naturally-high and how to control their mood using mindfulness. He will explore the DOSE acronym: Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins.


How to Get High Off Leadership at ILAC College.