The World Needs You.

You can radiate joy and light during the pandemic.

Today, it’s more important than ever to share joy and light with others.


What: The #LiveDanceChallenge

When: Now

If you are reading this, please accept our challenge to GO LIVE right now. The world needs to see you dancing off your worries.

1. Include #LiveDanceChallenge and tag @vyvelife, so we can repost your video.

2. GO LIVE on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

3. Say “I’m doing the LiveDanceChallenge and I nominate….” 5 friends to do the same.

4. Put on your favorite song, the one you can’t resist dancing to.

5. Dance like the fate of humanity depends upon it and enjoy it fully.

6. Post your video on Instagram or Facebook

Why: Mental Health

During a pandemic, we are more susceptible than ever to social isolation and stress. These conditions can severely harm our communities and our mental health.

Virtual dance parties, shared with friends and family, are scientifically proven to be one of the most powerful ways help us prevent this from happening.

This campaign is intended to remind all of humanity to stay connected and share support and joy with other community members.

When our mental health is supported, our ability to take unified action against a crisis or threat is multiplied. Our immune systems are stronger, our smiles are larger, and our optimism is higher!

Together, we shall triumph over stress, fear AND the virus!