Jacques Martiquet

Founder of VYVE, Human-bonding Fanatic, and Chief Experience Facilitator

Jacques has three obsessions.

1 Creating an optimized entertainment experience based on neuroscience and social-bonding research.
2 Reducing the burden of drugs and alcohol on society.
3 Teaching people healthy ways to boost their vitality.

After witnessing the carnage of music festivals as a medical staff, Jacques began on a journey to transform the systems that encourage unhealthy social behaviours. Launching Party4Health in 2017, Jacques’ objective was to popularize a new style of partying, which was drug-free. After numerous interviews, hundreds of parties, and a lot of self-growth, Jacques realized that what he was working on went beyond partying. This was rapid social-bonding. VYVE was born therein.

You can find Jacques roaming the globe, or the streets of Vancouver in a banana suit, carrying a large speaker. Of course, with an ecstatic smile on his face.

Jacques’ Party Count: 154. Jacques has traveled to Puerto Rico, Amsterdam, Montreal, Vancouver, Whistler, Seattle, France, and Copenhagen to throw parties.


1 Starting a dance party, anywhere and anytime.

2 Conducting workshops about health and leadership.

3 Eliciting natural euphoria in a group of strangers.

4 Injecting communities with social connectedness.

Notable Quotes

“Stop deferring moments of celebration for the weekend. The true benefits of partying come from a daily practice, independent of drug use.”

“Making people laugh at me is better than a society deprived of laughter.”

“Whatever you want to call it: Aliveness, Natural Euphoria, Bliss, Ecstasy. One thing is certain. Human connection is one of the healthiest paths to access this feeling.”

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I used to party. But now, things are different. I used to tell people that partying is one of the healthiest human behaviours. And it never failed to confuse people. You see, my experiences facilitating hundreds of parties for the last four years had convinced me of this fact. I thought partying COULD BE incorporated into a healthy lifestyle, that it could lead to incredible self-development, positive social change, and energy the NEXT DAY. Too. But, I had been mistaken. I was never talking about partying. Partying, as we know it, is culturally founded on alcohol and drug consumption. Hedonism. And this introduces an array of harms, like violence, alcohol poisoning, and injuries. I have had the misery of witnessing all these harms as a medic, harm reduction volunteer, and regular party-goer. I'm sure you have as well. The sad truth is that these harms are normal. This is why we have harm reduction services (which I fully support). If partying is not as healthy, fun, and inclusive as it could be, why not invent a new way of doing it, without all the design flaws and profit motives. Well my friends, we have. I used to think that partying presented a tremendous opportunity to public health. But it doesn't. Partying is the enemy of public health. And vyving is the ally. Say goodbye to Party4Health, and say hello to @vyvelife Say goodbye to #getwasted and say hello to #getvyvified Welcoming new members to the #vyvetribe, always ✌ Stay lively, J VYVE ⚡ is a social movement, and entertainment agency that facilitates social experiences based on the science of emotions and social-bonding. Level up your event. #vyvelife #sparkvitality #healthylifestyle #selfgrowth #personaldevelopment #celebration #itsacelebration #party #euphoria #mentalhealth #physicalhealth #soberparty #partytime #partylife #rave #drugfree #highonlife #sober #alcoholfree #daybreaker #playfulness #happiness #positivepsychology #dontgiveafuck #judgement #disinhibited #danceparty

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