Jacques W. Martiquet (JQZE)

Founder of VYVE, Human-bonding Fanatic, and Chief Experience Facilitator

Jacques is a one-man-festival, a party scientist, and a mission-driven crowd igniter.


Jacques is on a mission to create a new entertainment system founded on positive psychology and human connection.

When you know you need JQZE

✔️Guests are lonely, disengaged, bored, or lifeless.

✔️No one feels safe enough to engage in authentic human connection.

✔️People are just drinking, eating, and then leaving the event.

✔️You want to try out a one-of-a-kind, customer-backed community experience.

✔️You need a DJ, an emcee, or an entertainer, but you want it to be unforgettable.

✔️You want to educate your audience about how to access joy through human connection.

From Video-gamer to Scientist to Entertainer

After treating carnage at music festivals as a medic, Jacques embarked on a journey to transform the entertainment industry by applying health and happiness research.

Launching Party4Health in 2017, Jacques’ objective was to popularize a new style of partying, which was drug-free. After numerous interviews (including VICE media) hundreds of international parties, and a meditation retreat, Jacques realized that his project went beyond partying. He was developing a new form of entertainment, founded on human connection.

VYVE was born when Jacques realized that loneliness was the problem, not alcohol.

Before Jacques launched VYVE, he traveled the globe learning the art of connecting and liberating strangers (AKA starting a dance party anywhere, anytime).

Over 300 parties, he developed the methodology for uniting and igniting strangers, regardless of their current mood.

Jacques has thrown public dance parties on trains, beaches, and streets in Puerto Rico, the Netherlands, Germany, Costa Rica, Mexico, France, Denmark, Malta and England.

JQZE Quotes

“Stop deferring moments of celebration for the weekend. The true benefits come from a daily practice, independent of drug use.”

“Making people laugh at me is better than a society deprived of laughter.”

“Whatever you want to call it: Aliveness, Natural Euphoria, Bliss, Ecstasy. One thing is certain. Human connection is one of the healthiest paths to access this feeling.”