We did our research, and invented something special.

A breakthrough method based on the power of human connection

Imagine all the people around you smiling, laughing, singing, and dancing to songs which everyone can relate to. You feel exhilarated, included, and respected. You feel like you belong.

We make this happen—anywhere, anytime.


Our clients love our experience, and include festivals, conferences, universities, and corporations.

Every event can benefit from a happier, healthier, and more socially-connected community. That’s the design of the VYVE!


For Physical Fitness 💓
The VYVE involves vigorous dancing and movement.

For Fun 😛
Participants consistently have fun, because it is designed to be fun.

For going Alcohol-free 🥤
The experience alone gets people to where they need to be to dance and play their hardest.

For Social Connectedness🤝
The science-based activities are designed to catalyze social connections and cultivate group unity.

For Mental Health🧠
VYVEs are designed to relieve stress by evoking positive emotions through physical activity and emotional expression.

For Consent ☮️
A trained facilitator shapes an environment in which participants respect each other’s boundaries, and high-five each other for invitations AND rejections.

Custom VYVE experiences

Deliver a sense of inclusion, euphoria, and belonging to everyone in your crowd, from your stage, on your street, or in your office! This is our breakthrough entertainment experience based on the power of human connection, facilitated by Jacques.

To customize the experience, we carefully select activities from our list of hundreds human connection, community-building, movement, and expression activities. Our VYVE themes include: consent education, connection, mental health, physical fitness, fun, and team-building.


Raise the energy, focus, and mood of everyone in the room. Through a rapid series of dance activities, you will get connecting, high-fiving, grooving and moving, before your race, during the intermission, or in the middle of your work day! Our past partners include the Vancouver Marathon (10000 runners).

Unique VYVEs

Give your people an experience they have never had. Our events include Bike Raves, Rain Dances, Undie Runs, Silent Discos, and Morning Beach Parties. With each unique event, we push the envelope for how human connection is experienced. Unique events are customizable to your needs and dreams.

Pop-up Activations and Flash Mobs

Catalyze “Holy crap, is this happening?!” moments. Surprise your guests with fun, inviting, and one-of-a-kind moments. You will be engaged with impromptu line dancing, LED skip-rope jumping, gong hitting, trampoline bouncing, and sing-a-long huddling. The list goes on.

VYVING Workshops

Equip your audience with the tools to engage in human connection. You will learn how to have more fun, the basics of getting high off human connection, how to practice consent, and how to overcome others’ judgement.

Speakdance Engagements

Jacques W. Martiquet, Pharmacology BSc., is an inspirational speaker with an edge for making presentations fun and riveting. After speaking, Jacques throws a mini-VYVE to help the audience internalize what he has spoken about. This is based on the idea of active learning, best done when it involves fun, sharing, and social connection.

Jacques’ current presentations include the following:
1. How to Get High off Human Connection (VYVE)
2. How to Get High off Leadership
3. How to Party Sober
4. Brains and Drugs and Alcohol