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Entertainment and wellness experiences based on organizational psychology.

This video explains how VYVE can help you, in 1 minute.


Great events engage, animate, and unite their guests. That’s why LUSH hosted a vyve!

Our previous clients include America’s #1 Midsize Employer voted by Forbes.

We make coworkers best friends. It’s important.

According to Gallup:
“Our research revealed that just 30% of employees have a best friend at work. Those who do are seven times as likely to be engaged in their jobs, are better at engaging customers, produce higher quality work, have higher well-being, and are less likely to get injured on the job. In sharp contrast, those without a best friend in the workplace have just a 1 in 12 chance of being engaged.”

According to 19th Surgeon General of the USA:
“Strengthening social connections in the workplace must be a strategic priority. That can only happen if all levels of the organization are committed to creating a culture that prioritizes authentic connection.”