Author: Jacques Martiquet

The Code of Celebration

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The code of celebration ensures everyone is happy, healthy, and… high, naturally.

Active Engagement: We are in the here and now.

We actively engage and participate in our surroundings, as opposed to absentmindedly. We are creative and playful in our interactions. We take a role in making the party happen, as opposed to waiting for it happen. We use our phones only as a tool to interact and capture euphoric moments.

Natural Euphoria: We get high off human connection.

We don’t need alcohol or drugs to engage in meaningful human connection. We practice the art of vyving: getting exhilarated through engaging in human connection alone, in the form of laughing, singing, dancing, and smiling with others.

Community of Kindness: It’s a competition to spread the most fun.

We invite people to join, instead of judging or excluding people. We welcome everyone, accept everyone, and support everyone in being their true selves, whatever that might be. There’s no such thing as embarrassment here. Status is rewarded for sharing joy with others, not in excluding or impressing.

Respect: We behave with an awareness of others and their boundaries.

We, as participants, exercise self-restraint, courtesy, and consent. Although we are wild and free, we follow rules, laws, and common courtesies when interacting with the environment and each other.

Learning: We vyve together with a growth mindset.

We leverage our party experiences to become better people, in our relationships and in our society. We lift people up from their mistakes, because mistakes are normal. Failures and interpersonal risk-taking are encouraged. Try something new, and we will applaud your courage.

Responsibility: We take responsibility for our actions.

We respect the community in which we vyve. We stop and apologize if we have disrupted others, or the environment. Our responsibility stems from a deep gratitude for being able to vyve freely.

The benefits of vyving

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You should consider vyving with us.

Party Scientists have demonstrated the consistent mental, social, and physical benefits of vyving.

Feel good: Vyving makes you feel like you’ve been electrified with joy, and this is good for your mental health. Pleasure releases healthy neurochemicals. Best part is, you will feel good the next day too.

Master socializing: Learn to network, build relationships, and relate with others, without relying on alcohol.

Save money for what matters: Save cash by forgoing alcohol and expensive tickets to exclusive nightclubs. At VYVIFY, status is achieved by fostering social inclusion, not by spending money.

Burn calories: Getting active benefits your body and makes you feel good. Plus, you don’t notice you are exercising because you’re vyving so hard.

Boost self-esteem: Immersing yourself in a positive environment, where there are no winners or losers, where there is no judgement, where you are encouraged as opposed to dismissed, and where the goal is to have fun,  is a safe strategy to build personal confidence.