About VYVE

A social movement, a tribe of vibrant people, and a people-centered entertainment agency.

​Our mission is simple.
Spread the high of human connection.

Featured in VICE media, we are a social movement, a tribe of people-lovers, and a human-centric entertainment agency.

We apply social-bonding science to create the most epic, active, and drug-free entertainment experiences.

Our electrifying social experiences have the objective of increasing social connectedness and vitality in the world.

Our Partners

Our partners value community and wellness. They want to bring one-of-a-kind entertainment experiences to their organization or event. They want to inspire their audience with meaningful fun, by spreading healthy ways to build vitality.

Our Experiences (vyves)

Known for our Hike Raves, Bike Raves, and Morning Beach Parties, we are an inventive agency. Our experiences leverage dancing, singing, and laughing to activate the same brain centers as drugs do. We customize our experiences with themes, such as mental health, fitness, consent education, and emotional connection.

Our Party Science

The VYVE Experience has been developed over 200 parties, and is based on the science of emotions and social-bonding. It leaves traditional parties in the dust. Our guarantee: Participants will feel amazing and socially connected with everyone apart of the experience. This is the essence of feeling ALIVE.

Our Founder

Jacques Martiquet has been facilitating dance parties, workshops, and social activities for 4 years. He has conducted Vyves in 12 different cities. He has been interviewed by VICE, Vancouver Magazine, and Elle Canada regarding his mission to popularize an alternative, adaptive party culture. A culture that revolves social connection, not alcohol.