About VYVE

A social movement, a tribe of vibrant people, and a people-centered entertainment agency.

We believe authentic human connection is the secret to a happy, healthy life.

​So, our mission is simple: Empower humans to access joy through connecting with other humans.

VYVE ⚡  is a first-of-its-kind human connection agency that applies psychology, brain, and social-bonding sciences in party entertainment.

The agency developed the vyve experience, a series of face-to-face exercises designed to cultivate happy, healthy, and socially-connected lives. 

VYVE partners with forward-thinking organizations to increase human connection, engagement, and joy at their events. Previous clients include Lululemon, the Vancouver Marathon, and LUSH Cosmetics.

The Team Behind VYVE


Jacques W. Martiquet is the Director and Chief Celebration Scientist at VYVE. He has conducted vyves in 20 different cities. He has been interviewed by VICE, Vancouver Magazine, and Elle Canada regarding his mission to popularize an alternative way of socializing, vyving.


Hannah Vanderheyden is demonstrable social scientist. As the Chief Education Officer at VYVE, Hannah manages facilitator training, program development, and partnerships with learning institutions. Having dedicated 16 years of her life to the development of social change programs, she’s an experienced educator, coach, and teacher.