How to change your brain chemistry to be more social

Do you want to learn to put yourself in a better mood?

You should.

Because when you are in a better mood, you can connect with people better. You can start a conversation more easily. You can spread fun more organically. It’s less effort.

You can test out different strategies to get yourself into a social, happy, and energetic mood. Regardless of sleep deprivation, feelings of loneliness, or anxiety.

Here are a few!

1. EXERCISE: Elevate your heart rate by getting moving or groovin’

2. GIVING: Give someone something. My favourites are the high-five, a compliment, or a hug.

3. LAUGHTER: Watch a funny video. Laugh your guts out.

4. VISUALIZATION: Close your eyes and visualize one of the happiest moments in your life.

If I am feeling anti-social, I use one of these techniques to turn the tables. They release mood-changing neuro-chemicals.

I remember when I was attending a festival in Amsterdam, I really wanted to go home and sleep. Instead, I used one of these techniques. I ended up having one of the best nights of my life.

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